Since 2007, we have led the effort for climate justice through the permanent ban on fracking. Members of our community have been at the forefront of nearly every major oil and gas conflict in America.


Our Mission

The mission of the Boulder County Protectors is:

1. To help people become aware that the efforts and activities of most politicians and environmental groups are designed to keep people unable and powerless to stop the oil and gas industry from poisoning families and the environment.

2. To help people organize, integrate and implement tools and teachings to deconstruct the systems and processes that allow the oil and gas industry to poison families and the environment.

3. To help like-minded environmental groups and support legitimate environmental movements to achieve their objectives to disrupt and disable the oil and gas industry from poisoning families and the environment.

Things Do Not Change; We Change.
— Henry David Thoreau

What We've Achieved

  • Initiated the Colorado the, “Colorado Community Rights Amendment”, which would give people and communities superior rights and authority to corporations
  • Assisted neighboring towns in campaigning for local ballot initiatives pertaining to bans and moratoria on fracking locally
  • Successfully campaigned and won the most comprehensive ban on fossil fuel extraction in Colorado state history through the 2013 Community Bill of Rights
  • Conducting trainings across on the strategy, use, and implementation of nonviolent civil disobedience to prevent fracking
  • First grassroots organization within Lafayette, Colorado to address prevention of further oil and gas development, starting in 2012.
  • Passed the first municipal resolution in support of the First Nation fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Initiated the “Climate Bill of Rights and Protections”, the most powerful enforcement mechanism attempted in Colorado in Lafayette and Boulder County
  • Continuing the fight to stop all new drilling in Boulder County and create the civil rights necessary to protect the environment and our communities from corporate harms
  • Hosted numerous forums on the history of oil and gas drilling in Colorado, and assembled legal trainings on the systemic nature of the fracking problem