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Lafayette Council - Do Not Legalize Drilling in our Town (6/16/18 5pm)

  • Lafayette City Hall 1290 South Public Road Lafayette, CO, 80026 United States (map)

The Lafayette City Council majority is attempting to legalize oil and gas drilling, the construction of fossil fuel infrastructure, and the burning of cancer causing volatile organic compounds within city limits. Ignoring the damage this will cause to public health, our local environment, and the global climate, Councilors are being asked to approve industry-reviewed drilling regulations in defiance of public safety and concern. 

As parents, families and people who love our town, we cannot allow this to happen. We stand by the following ideas and principles:

1. The regulations are the legalization of drilling and flaring in Lafayette

2. They do not protect human health, the environment or the climate

3. Legalizing drilling will harm people and the environment and can only be accomplished through the violation of our basic fundamental rights

4. Anyone voting to legalize drilling is complicit in these harms

5. After five years of appealing to all levels of government and being ignored, we are forced to protect the people, environment and climate ourselves. 

6. Any person in public office who refuses to protect the public has no moral basis for their position and should resign immediately

7. We want the Council to stop making misleading statements on the protective nature of the regulations, restore the full Climate Bill of Rights, and join with the community to build the necessary political force to protect us from drilling

Join with us to tell the Lafayette City Council to join with the community, end the brokering of oil and gas drilling in our town, and help us build a movement to protect our community from the poisoning and destruction seen across the Colorado oil fields.