This is the project and program we focus on to help achieve our objectives for climate justice.

The Climate Bill of Rights is our legal and legislative project, and our Non-Violent Direct Action program is our community awareness and protection program. Read about both initiatives here, then visit our Take Action page to learn about several of our groups that you can join to support and participate in the battle for the health and welfare of our families and the earth.

climate bill of rights

The objective of the Climate Bill of Rights is for communities to establish legislation that allows any citizen to protect the environment through non-violent direct action without the fear of arrest. When the environment is under attack or at risk, and there is no other recourse for its protection, this legislation provides the families of the community a last line of defense.

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non-violent direct action

When the destruction of the earth and the poisoning of families have become protected activities by government legislators, politicians, and their corporate sponsors; it becomes the sacred duty of common citizens to stand up against their systems of corruption. Interested in learning more about civil disobedience?

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