Be the change.

Join us in defending the earth in the battle for climate justice.


The following six teams work in tandem to achieve our goals.  Read about each team, find one that interests you and reach out to us to discuss how you may be able to Join Us and become a Boulder County Protector!

Direct Action

There are several fun and interesting ways to help with the Direct Action trainings and programs...both during the events and behind the scenes. Click to learn more about the Direct Action Team.

REQUIREMENT: to be eligible to participate, you must have completed Direct Action training. Click to see a calendar of upcoming Direct Action Training Dates.


Click here to discuss joining the Legislative Team.


Click here to discuss joining the Legal Team.

Art & Design

Art tells the story of justice and injustice, art gives the protectors courage, art is what leads the charge...Art helps make the movement move. Graphic design, social media, There's many ways for you to lend your creative talents to protect people and planet. Are you a creative? Click here to discuss joining the Art & Design Team.

community outreach

Public relations expert? Marketing expert? People person? Do you have a talent for writing? Whether you want to put your feet in the street, or you're a force to be reckoned with a pen in your hand, or a keyboard warrior...we need people that know how to tell the story in person, on paper or online. Click here to discuss joining the Community Outreach Team.

earth protector

Do you feel called to be a Boulder County Protector, but none of the above teams make sense for how you're able to participate? Are you not able to support the movement publicly? Want to make change from 'the inside'? Want to lend your talents and resources in a discreet or alternative way? We get you...and, there's many just like you. Click here to discuss being a private member of the Earth Protector Team.